Minister of Transportation Jeff Yurek announced Wednesday that the province plans to review speed limits on highways with plans to increase them, but not without some public consultation.

Yurek explains that speed limits were set back in the 1970s and haven’t changed since.

“If you look back on the history of why speed limits were set where they were back in the 70s, there was an energy crisis and in order to conserve fuel they lowered the speed limits on our highway system and it stayed that way ever since,” Yurek told reporters. “I’ve heard lots of stakeholders mention that maybe it’s time to take a review of how our speed limits are in the province and we’ll have more to say next week on this issue.”

The province says it plans to consult the public and law enforcement before any changes are made.

Yurek also said that the province plans to look at increasing fines for slow drivers who insist on using the left-hand lane, rather than the far right, which is intended for slower speeds. Yurek says dangerously slow driving also puts people on our roads at risk.

The province is already making changes to highways with the recent news that they plan to allow motorcyclists in High Occupancy Travel (HOV) lanes as a way to increase safety.

More details on the pilot program are expected next week.