Today the Ontario government announced plans to raise the provincial minimum wage. It will be in phases, with an increase to $14 per hour by January 2018, and then $15 per hour by January 2019.

According to the province, just under one third of Ontario workers make under $15/hour.

The government’s plan has other labour-friendly additions including:

  • paid sick leave for every worker
  • a rate of pay that will be the same for temp workers, part-time and casual workers, seasonal employees, and contractors as it is for the same work done by full-time employees
  • expansion of vacation entitlements to three weeks after five years with a company
  • three hours of pay for workers whose shifts get cancelled with less than 48 hours notice

“The economy has changed. Work has changed. It’s time our laws and protections for workers changed too,” said Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. “Too many families are struggling to get by on part-time or contract work and unstable employment. And no one working full time in Ontario should live in poverty. With these changes, every worker in Ontario will be treated fairly, paid a living wage and have the opportunities they deserve.”