This cover of Nessum Dorma starts off like any other. But with the thrashing distortion of an electric guitar, and the ruthless pounding of the drums, everything changes.

Charles DiRaimondo, The Opera Guy, has started a revolution of seriously epic proportions; a revolution to invent a new musical experience. This marrying of the old and the new, the classic and the progressive, has morphed into a musical juxtaposition that has opened up a whole new world of artistic expression and has created nothing short of a complete ear-gasm. Check it out!

Charles Di Raimondo is a voice to listen to and a name to watch. As a singer, composer, arranger and performer, he has uncanny ability. A classically trained singer/songwriter/pianist, Charles’ talent and versatility are evident as he sings in an array of genres: from opera to pop, from jazz to rock. His busy music career has brought him to many venues in Canada, USA, and Europe. Charles currently resides in Brampton with his two children and wife.

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