A few years from now, Bramalea GO could look nothing like what is currently looks.

Metrolinx is planning a major overhaul of the station and is asking riders what they think of the ideas in a new survey.

The concept released shows elements on the north side of the station completely rearranged.

The biggest change would be the addition of a 1,250 spot parking garage on the east side of the station, with a new pedestrian bridge linking to the platforms directly.

The existing station building is likely to be demolished and replaced with a new, larger structure, with washrooms, ticket counters, and waiting areas. It will be integrated with a larger and more comfortable bus terminal for GO buses and Brampton Transit buses, that will be closer to the train platforms, instead of being shunted off to the side like they currently are.

They are also adding a special consideration for transit, as it looks like a new bus-only access will be present, with a Zum-only bus loop on the west end of the site. Right now, Zum buses on Steeles bypass the station, as getting in and out takes too much time for riders who need to head to destinations further east.

New bike lockers, covered bike parking, or even a separate bike parking room inside of the new garage are all possibilities as they try to shift some riders from driving to the GO station.

Currently, work is being done to extend the western platform, as well as build a new platform canopy with heated shelters. GO plans to do the same work for the central platform as well.

Riders should expect a lot of attention focused on Bramalea GO as part of the Regional Express Rail (RER) electrification program for the Kitchener Line. There should be 15-minute train service both ways, all day, every day of the week, at the station by 2024.

It is likely that this station upgrade is being funded by the federal boost to the GO RER program announced last month.

What do you think of this project and the design? You can let GO Transit know here.