December 7, 2023 – After much anticipation and over 32,000 votes, the Oxford Word of the Year for 2023 is in, and it’s none other than… drumroll, please… “rizz”!

Rizz – The Charismatic Buzzword of 2023

In a year that’s all about personal and professional PR, ‘rizz’ takes center stage. This snazzy term, derived from the middle of ‘charisma,’ defines someone’s knack for attracting others through style, charm, or sheer attractiveness. 2023 witnessed a surge in ‘rizz’ usage, hitting its peak in June when even actor Tom Holland admitted his own ‘limited rizz’ in a widely reported interview.

And here’s a fun fact: ‘rizz’ isn’t just a noun; it’s a verb too! So, if you ever need to attract, seduce, or charm someone, just go ahead and ‘rizz up’ your game.

The Finalists: Other Buzzworthy Contenders

  1. Prompt: This term isn’t just an instruction; it’s a must-know word for the AI age. As AI systems spread across various fields, the need for human skills to ‘prompt’ these advancements becomes crucial. From reminding actors of lines to influencing AI content, ‘prompt’ has evolved with the times.
  2. Situationship: Relationships got a makeover in 2023 with the rise of ‘situationship.’ A blend of ‘situation’ and ‘relationship,’ it captures the essence of romantic or sexual connections that defy formal conventions, popularized by social media and modern dating shows.
  3. Swiftie: This year, Taylor Swift’s influence soared, and so did the term ‘Swiftie.’ An enthusiastic fan of the singing sensation, the word gained over 10 times more popularity in September 2023 than the previous year. It’s not just a fan; it’s a term of endearment for those devoted to Taylor Swift.

The Shortlist: More Words That Almost Made It

  1. Beige Flag: Watch out for partners flying the ‘beige flag’ – a trait signaling boredom or lack of originality.
  2. De-influencing: In the era of conscious consumerism, ‘de-influencing’ emerged as the practice of discouraging specific purchases or promoting reduced consumption, especially through social media.
  3. Heat Dome: Forget hot gossip; 2023 brought us the ‘heat dome,’ a weather system trapping hot air and making temperatures soar.
  4. Parasocial: Are you feeling an unreciprocated sense of intimacy with a media celebrity? You might be experiencing a ‘parasocial’ relationship.

Past Winners: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Before we bid adieu, let’s reminisce about previous Word of the Year winners:

As language continues to evolve, so do our favorite buzzwords. Stay tuned for more linguistic adventures from Oxford Languages!

About the Oxford Word of the Year

The Oxford Word of the Year isn’t just a trendy title; it’s a reflection of the evolving linguistic landscape. This annual tradition, pioneered by Oxford Languages, involves a rigorous selection process. Drawing from a vast language research program, which includes the analysis of around 150 million words each month from web-based publications, the Word of the Year contenders emerge. The expert lexicographers use sophisticated software to track emerging words and shifts in the usage of established ones. Notable suggestions from social media, coupled with data from various sources, further shape the shortlist. The final decision is a collaborative effort by the Oxford Languages team, based on the resonance of the chosen word with the cultural ethos of the year. It’s a celebration of language’s dynamic nature, capturing the essence of contemporary conversations and expressions.