June 11, 2021 (2 Minute Read)


The long delay is over and Euro 2020 is finally here in 2021. For fans across the world, it’s better late than never. Along with patios reopening in select cities across Ontario, it’s the perfect time for the Euro Cup!

What a great way to help kick start the local economy! Find your favorite team, head down to your favorite patio, and cheer on!

It will be the 16th Championship, the quadrennial international men’s football championship of Europe organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). The first match begins today at 3 p.m. Friday, with Italy and Turkey kicking off one of the sport’s most celebrated tournaments.

Twenty-four teams, nine hosts but only one winner.

Due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 Euro has adopted a decentralized hosting format.  The hosting cities are London; Rome; Munich; Baku, Azerbaijan; St. Petersburg; Budapest; Seville, Spain; Bucharest; Amsterdam; Glasgow; and Copenhagen. Each stadium has its own policy on attendance, but every stadium will have fans in varying capacities.

For the top teams, there are many questions. Can France live up to the hype of the favoured team and seek revenge, after losing to Portugal in the 2016 finals? Can Cristiano Ronaldo carry Portugal to another Euro crown? Will Italy return to their former glory after missing the 2018 World Cup? There are many arches to follow through Euro this summer.

Here are the teams that qualified for Euro 2020, groups and their schedules:


Group AItaly, Switzerland, Turkey, Wales

Group BBelgium, Denmark, Finland, Russia

Group CAustria, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Ukraine

Group DCroatia, Czech Republic, England, Scotland

Group EPoland, Slovakia, Spain Sweden

Group FFrance, Germany, Hungary, Portugal


Group A

  • June 11: Turkey vs. Italy in Rome (3 pm)
  • June 12: Wales vs. Switzerland in Baku (9 am)
  • June 16: Turkey vs. Wales in Baku (noon)
  • June 16: Italy vs. Switzerland in Rome (3 pm)
  • June 20: Italy vs. Wales in Rome (noon)
  • June 20: Switzerland vs. Turkey in Baku (noon)

Group B

  • June 12: Denmark vs. Finland in Copenhagen (noon)
  • June 12: Belgium vs. Russia in St. Petersburg (3 pm)
  • June 16: Finland vs. Russia in St. Petersburg (9 am)
  • June 17: Denmark vs. Belgium in Copenhagen (noon)
  • June 21: Russia vs. Denmark in Copenhagen (3 pm)
  • June 21: Finland vs. Belgium in St. Petersburg (3 pm)

Group C

  • June 13: Austria vs. North Macedonia in Bucharest (noon)
  • June 13: Netherlands vs. Ukraine in Amsterdam (3 pm)
  • June 17: Ukraine vs. North Macedonia in Bucharest (9 am)
  • June 17: Netherlands vs. Austria in Amsterdam (3 pm)
  • June 21: North Macedonia vs. Netherlands in Amsterdam (noon)
  • June 21: Ukraine vs. Austria in Bucharest (noon)

Group D

  • June 13: England vs. Croatia in London (9 am)
  • June 14: Scotland vs. Czech Republic in Glasgow (9 am)
  • June 18: Croatia vs. Czech Republic in Glasgow (noon)
  • June 18: England vs. Scotland in London (3 pm)
  • June 22: Croatia vs. Scotland in Glasgow (3 pm)
  • June 22: England vs. Czech Republic in London (3 pm)

Group E

  • June 14: Poland vs. Slovakia in St. Petersburg (noon)
  • June 14: Spain vs. Sweden in Seville (3 pm)
  • June 18: Sweden vs. Slovakia in St. Petersburg (9 am)
  • June 19: Spain vs. Poland in Seville (3 pm)
  • June 23: Slovakia vs. Spain in Seville (noon)
  • June 23: Sweden vs. Poland in St. Petersburg (noon)

Group F

  • June 15: Hungary vs. Portugal in Budapest (noon)
  • June 15: France vs. Germany in Munich (3 pm)
  • June 19: Hungary vs. France in Budapest (9 am)
  • June 19: Portugal vs. Germany in Munich (noon)
  • June 23: Portugal vs. France in Budapest (3 pm)
  • June 23: Germany vs. Hungary in Munich (3 pm)

Round of 16

  • June 26: 2A vs. 2B in Amsterdam
  • June 26: 1A vs. 2C in London
  • June 27: 1C vs. 3D/E/F in Budapest
  • June 27: 1B vs. 3A/D/E/F in Seville
  • June 28: 2D vs. 2E in Copenhagen
  • June 28: 1F vs. 3A/B/C in Bucharest
  • June 29: 1D vs. 2F in London
  • June 29: 1E vs. 3A/B/C/D in Glasgow


  • July 2: Two games, in St. Petersburg and Munich
  • July 3: Two games, in Baku and Rome


  • July 6 and July 7 in London


  • July 11 in London