Brampton mayoral candidate Patrick Brown submitted his entry into the race at the 11th hour, just after a decision came down from Premier Doug Ford to axe the election for a Peel Regional Chair.

Prior to his registration to run for Mayor of Brampton Brown had recently moved to Mississauga ahead of announcing his bid to run for the regional chair position.

It left many wondering why exactly Brown was making a bid for the mayoral seat in Brampton, with no clear connections to the city.

But Brown now officially resides in Brampton, meeting the municipal election law requirements. Brown says he lives in downtown Brampton with his fiancé Genevieve, and his family has longtime ties to Brampton.

The candidate says he started his legal career in Brampton in 2004 as a sole practitioner under the name Patrick Brown Law Office. At that time Brown had been serving on Barrie City Council since 2000 and preparing to run in that year’s election as a Member of Parliament seat in Barrie.

While Brown’s connections have always appeared to be in Barrie, he confesses it’s his mom’s hometown and she left there in the 1970s. Meanwhile, his dad has lived in Brampton for decades and has practiced law in the city.

“[Brampton] has been at the heart of my journey in life,” says Brown. “When I ran for the PC leadership in 2014. I based our entire campaign HQ out of Brampton. This City has been at the heart of my journey in life.”

Brown says he disagrees with those who say only longtime residents should run for the city’s highest office and says Brampton needs a fresh approach, though he hasn’t yet identified yet exactly what that new approach will be should he be elected as Mayor on October 22.

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