January 9, 2024 – Following our previous report on Peel Regional Police’s proactive measures against extortion threats, the Extortion Investigative Task Force (EITF) is now rolling out a dedicated hotline for the community to report incidents and seek assistance.

New Hotline: 1-866-966-0616

In response to a surge in extortion attempts targeting the South Asian business community, the EITF has been diligently working on sixteen ongoing investigations. These attempts involve threats of violence, sometimes resulting in actual violence. The culprits, often armed with personal information, reach out to victims through various social media platforms.

Immediate Police Contact Urged

Peel Regional Police are urging the public to contact them immediately if they, their family, or their business becomes a target of threats for extortion. Chief Nishan Duraiappah stressed the importance of not making any payments and instead reaching out to the police promptly.

Community Collaboration and Anonymity

The EITF, composed of investigative and intelligence units with tactical support, is actively collaborating with community members and other law enforcement agencies. Information on these incidents can be shared directly with the Extortion Investigative Task Force or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or at www.peelcrimestoppers.ca/

Stay Informed, Stay Safe

As we navigate through these challenging times, staying informed and vigilant is crucial for community safety. Peel Regional Police is determined to address these threats and assures residents that terrorizing the community will not be tolerated.

For more information or to report incidents:

Hotline Phone Number: 1-866-966-0616

Email: taskforce@peelpolice.ca

Let’s stand united against crime and safeguard our neighborhoods.