Brampton Residents concerned with Peel Police’s Ability to Address Rising Thefts

January 15, 2023 – Vehicle thefts have been on the rise in Brampton, impacting residents in a significant way. According to the Peel Regional Police website, there has been a spike in thefts targeting vehicles from residential driveways at night.

To address this issue and create public awareness, the police have launched a “9PMRoutine” campaign to help keep vehicles safe and help residents prevent theft of their vehicles. However, residents of Brampton are losing faith in Peel police’s ability to effectively address this crime across the city.

The campaign encourages residents to follow a set of tips to reduce the risk of car thefts. These tips include parking vehicles in garages, if possible, and ensuring that property is well-lit.

Other tips include not leaving running vehicles unattended, always locking car doors and windows, not leaving keys near the front door, and investing in security cameras and theft preventative devices.

Source: Peel Regional Police

It is also important to note that most vehicle thefts occur in large remote parking lots, shopping malls, GO train stations, movie theaters, airports, and residential driveways and unlocked garages. It is crucial for residents to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings when leaving their vehicles in these types of areas.

In addition to following the tips provided by the police, residents can also take further steps to protect their vehicles. Installing aftermarket products such as GPS trackers, remote vehicle shut off devices, and on-board data port locks can help prevent thieves from cloning keys.

Covering or blocking the vehicle identification number and avoiding storing valuables in open sight in vehicles can also deter thieves.

It is imperative for Peel police to focus on this crime and take steps to effectively address it. The increase in car thefts is causing concern and frustration among residents, and it is crucial for the police to take action to restore their faith in the department’s ability to keep the community safe.

Overall, car thefts are a serious issue in Brampton, and it is important for residents to take steps to protect their vehicles. By following the tips provided by the police and taking additional preventative measures, residents can reduce the risk of their vehicles being stolen.

However, it is essential that Peel police also take action to address the crime and restore the trust of the community. Being a part of the #9PMRoutine can make a big difference in keeping your vehicle safe but also the community needs to feel safe and secure.