The next time you think of belting out your favourite tune in the car or dropping lines with Drake, you may want to reconsider because Peel Regional Police says that singing, and even talking can be considered forms of distracted driving.

Peel Regional Police has been running a campaign since summer to crack down on distracted driving, and they’ve identified a host of things that fall into the category, including singing, talking, eating, reading, applying makeup — among other things.

We’ve all witnessed people doing crazy things behind the wheel — flossing, applying mascara, eating a four-course meal, entertaining a child or pet and so on and so forth, and no doubt we’re sometimes guilty ourselves. But studies have found that singing and performing other activities while driving slows down a driver’s response time, especially when they’re traveling at high speeds.

But can you actually get ticketed or charged for doing any of these things? The answer is yes.

While distracted driving charges are reserved for those using their cellphones and other devices while driving, you can still be charged for careless driving if you’re caught doing any of these things behind the wheel.

The realities of distracted driving are pretty stark. Since 2000, deaths from collisions caused by distracted driving have doubled, and a distracted driver is four times more likely to end up in a crash.