Peel Public Health is currently investigating outbreaks at three Brampton schools where it believes COVID-19 may have been transmitted within the school.

According to Peel Public Health, there have been 31 outbreaks at both Peel schools and child-care centres combined since classes resumed in September. 92 COVID-19 cases have been associated with those outbreaks.

Cardinal Leger Secondary School declared an outbreak on Friday, November 20. It was reported that the outbreak kept to a single cohort (class) and that one of the three confirmed cases may have caught the infection within the school.

St. Joachim Elementary School reported five confirmed cases of COVID-19, which led to the confirmation of an outbreak on November 20.

Westervelts Corner Elementary School has also confirmed three cases of COVID-19. The school was classified as having had an outbreak on Saturday, November 21.

In a letter that went home to parents, principal James Neely of Westervelts Corner Elementary wrote, “I know hearing the word outbreak is likely unsettling. An outbreak means that someone may have gotten the virus from someone else at school, rather than in the community.”

All of the schools remain open at this time.