Gender neutral washrooms are coming to all high schools across the public Peel District School Board within the school year.

There has been a wave of changes for school boards across the GTA as many jump to implement more inclusive policies that include gender neutral washrooms.

In York Region and Toronto schools, the public board is currently phasing them into all elementary, middle and secondary schools. In Durham  all public elementary and secondary schools are already equipped with at least one.

“Within this school year, every secondary school will have a designated bathroom for students” with a sign that says “inclusive washroom” or “all-gender washroom,” announced Tony Pontes, director of the Peel District School Board to staff Wednesday.

Inclusive washroom will be phased in throughout the school year as they work to renovate existing single-stall bathrooms into the proper facilities.

All public high schools are expected to have at least one functioning gender neutral washroom before the end of the school year, with plans to expand into middle schools in the future.

There is no word from if and when Catholic or French school boards may follow suit.