A new healthy snack program has been officially launched at Terry Fox PS in Brampton. The program, which started in March 2019, was in the works for many months dating back to September of last year and was created with the help of staff, students and parent volunteers.

The Terry Fox P.S. Healthy Snack program runs five days a week. Every morning, each classroom gets a basket filled with fruits or vegetables alongside a grain or milk product for all the participating students.

The snacks reflect the new Health Canada Food Guide in the sense that meals should consist of 50% fresh fruits and vegetables, 25% protein, and 25% of whole grains, with water being the prime drink of choice.

Ruby Sahota, MP for Brampton North said, “This fantastic program gives kids the opportunity to learn about healthy eating and making healthy food choices. It’s great to see our community collaborating to create solutions that enrich the lives of our kids.”

The Canada Food Guide made changes earlier this year, and you can check it out here.