We Bramptonians know our Punjabi cuisine! Most of us have our favourite dishes and you probably have one or two go-to spots where they know just how you like it! You go back for your aloo gobi or butter chicken fix regularly.

There’s a new kid on the block who’s gunning to become one of your faves by taking the flavour up a notch, and it’s aptly named Pinch of Spice. 

Located in north Brampton in the plaza at the corner of Torbram and Father Tobin, Pinch of Spice primarily offers traditional Punjabi cuisine along with some delicious fusion items on the menu too. They opened their doors last October and have quickly become a popular neighbourhood spot for dinner, lunch, Sunday brunch, and even for a quick ‘cha’ (Punjabi tea). They have an all-day breakfast menu stacked with different varities of Paranthas (gobi, aloo, mooli, paneer, and lacha).

The restaurant has an appealing modern setting with an upscale, but unpretentious vibe. The delicious aromas add to the ambience. The servers are warm and welcoming, and attentive without hovering. The portions are served on beautiful copper dishes from Punjab adding to the authenticity. 

Like all traditional Punjabi cuisine, they offer both vegetarian and ‘non-veg’ (meat, chicken, and fish) dishes. 

There are so many choices on the menu and the portion sizes are perfect, so remember sharing is caring when you come to Pinch of Spice. We’d recommend ordering a whole slew of items if you come in a group and then share. 

Starting with the appetizers, they have so many options including a Chicken Tikka, Paneer Tikka, Chicken Hariyali, Chili Chicken (made in the Indian Hakka style), and Aloo Tikki Channa. 

We had the Chicken Seekh Kebab, a minced chicken with house seasoning cooked in the tandoor oven. It was delicious, very tender with lots of flavour. Spicy of course, because it as so well seasoned, but it’s the kind of spicy that’s manageable, doable for most. It’s got a kick to it. The sauce is a nice compliment to the kebabs, but because they’re so well seasoned you can even go without and its still enjoyable.

Chicken Seekh Kebab

For the veggie folks, we wanted to go off the beaten path, and seriously, yours truly was craving GolGappas. We had the Dahi Sev Puri/Stuffed Golgappas, a dish of chick peas, onions, potatoes, and sev (finely fried gram flour) served in hollow shells (fried flour balls) with chutney. They were perfectly crispy and flavourful, a delicious blend of thechatpatta(sweet and tangy) if you will. 

And then the Pani Puri (golgappas!), chick peas, potatoes, served with hollow fried flour shells and a savory water base. They were delicious! If you’ve never tried these before (why not?!) I will caution that they’re definitely an acquired taste, a taste you’ll be happy you acquired once you’ve tried them. The process of filling up the shells with the chickpeas and potatoes and then the water is fun, that and the not-too-spicy coriander and mint water makes these super easy on even the most delicate palete.

For our main course, I went the traditional route because I wanted to confirm that their Saag and Daal were as authentically Punjabi as they claimed. We also tried the Chicken Malai Methi.

The Daal Tadka — yellow lentils cooked with spices, tomatoes and onions — was quite tasty, but not overly spicy. A side of raw green chilis were provided for those of us looking for extra kick. I’m usually looking for extra kick, but I found the daal flavourful enough to go without. 

Garlic naan

A classic Punjabi dish, Homemade Saag, which is made with slowly cooked rapini, spinach and mustard greens with a blend of ginger, garlic, and chilis. It’s also my absolute favourite dish of all time. Theirs was delicious! I mean my mom’s is still the best, but this was the best saag I’ve had at a restaurant ever. You can taste the time and patience it took to make it. It isn’t as spicy as I usually like it, but it’s full of all the homemade flavours.

pinch of spice brampton saag

The Chicken Malai Methi is what we refer to as ‘green chicken’ in my family. It isn’t usually found on restaurant menus because it’s difficult to get right. Pinch of Spice gets it right! Their boneless chicken pieces are simmered in a Mughlai sauce and enriched with real methi (fenugreek), and that’s where the green colouring comes from.  A unique blend of flavours combined with the tender chicken and eaten alongside the Pinch of Spice naan (spiced with garlic, onion and coriander) was incredible.

We were pleasantly stuffed before dessert, but you better believe we made room for it. The Gajar ka Halwa (a warm carrot dessert with raisons and almonds), the Ras Malai (cottage cheese balls in sweetened milk), and the Falooda Kulfi (home-made kulfi with vermicelli and nuts) were sublime! 

Pinch of spice brampton was malai dessert
Ras Malai

The drink menu is pretty awesome too with mango shakes and lassis, milk badam, Indian style coffee, and a masala tea. 

Pinch of Spice offers a full catering menu, and the are on all of the food delivery apps as well (Skip the Dishes, DoorDash, and Uber Eats), and they have student specials.

Their Chef special fusion items – the chicken wraps, chicken kathi rolls, and the chicken grilled sandwiches – are really popular with the kids and perfectly sized for a quick grab-and-go lunch if you work or go to school in the area.

This is a restaurant for the whole family, their food is full of authentic Punjabi flavours without going overboard with the spice. Check out their website to find out more.