December 6, 2023 – Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has taken a bold stance in Parliament, promising to use procedural tools to delay the passage of the Liberal budget bill. In an ultimatum delivered with just three weeks left before the summer recess, Poilievre outlined his concerns about the government’s economic policies and proposed a plan for a balanced budget.

“We’re going to put in thousands of amendments at committee and in the House of Commons, forcing all night round-the-clock voting to block your $20 billion of inflationary spending and the rest of your economically destructive plans, until you agree to our demand to take the tax off farmers, First Nations, and families,” Poilievre said Wednesday.

Here’s a breakdown of the key points:

Economic Concerns:

  • Poilievre argues that high interest rates and inflation are driven by government debt, emphasizing the need for a balanced budget to address these issues.
  • He points out the potential economic problems for individuals with mortgages taken out at low interest rates, warning about significant increases in interest payments when these mortgages renew.

Carbon Tax Opposition:

  • Poilievre opposes the Liberals’ clean-fuel standard and proposed carbon taxes, claiming they contribute to the rising cost of living.
  • While acknowledging the challenge of convincing the government to scrap the carbon tax entirely, he hopes to halt proposed increases, citing concerns about the impact on Canadians’ expenses for gas, heat, and groceries.

Procedural Tools:

  • Poilievre vows to use all available procedural tools, including 900 amendments, lengthy speeches, and other tactics to block the Liberal budget from passing.
  • The goal is to compel the government to address economic concerns and reconsider its carbon tax policies.

Potential Impact on Legislation:

  • The Liberal budget bill, C-47, is currently at the report stage in the House of Commons and has NDP support, indicating it should pass when voted on.
  • Poilievre’s tactics could delay the passage of important measures, such as tax credits, improvements to air passengers’ rights, a home flipping tax, and steps towards a broader dental plan.

Response from Prime Minister Trudeau:

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticizes Poilievre’s tactics, accusing him of standing against measures that would benefit Canadians and proposing cuts instead of contributing to economic growth.
  • Trudeau emphasizes the government’s commitment to supporting Canadians during difficult times and accuses Poilievre of attempting to harm Canadians.

If permitted, these procedural moves might compel the government to prolong the Commons sitting beyond December 15, which is currently the day the house is set to rise for the Christmas break.

“I’ve got news for Justin Trudeau, you’ve ruined Christmas for Canadians. Common sense Conservatives are going to ruin your vacation as well,” Poilievre said. “You will have no rest until the tax is gone.”

Poilievre’s threat to delay parliamentary proceedings over the carbon tax has drawn criticism from Liberal MP and Government House Leader Karina Gould, who called it “completely irresponsible and recklessly” and labeled Poilievre as a “bully.”

As the political landscape evolves, Poilievre’s actions continue to be a focal point in the ongoing debate over economic policies and the carbon tax. Stay tuned for updates on this unfolding political scenario and the fate of the Liberal Budget.

Watch the full announcement from Poilievre here: