Premier Alludes to a New Hospital For Brampton

Could a new hospital be coming down the pipeline for Brampton? Its been a topic of conversation for decades in the city.

Currently Brampton only has one full-service hospital, and the opening of Peel Memorial Health Centre next month is a glaring reminder of this fact.

It won’t be a full hospital. Peel Memorial will offer day surgeries and an urgent care centre for ailments that need attention but not immediately.

It’s a sore spot for many. Civic’s wait times can run upwards of 12 hours and other cities the size of Brampton have more than one full-service hospital. So why has Brampton only had one for decades, despite being one of the fastest growing community in Canada?

Funding for a new hospital has always been an issue, and it isn’t a new one, as mayor Linda Jeffrey shared in a recent Facebook post.

Based on a recent interview with Brampton Focus, Premier Kathleen Wynne is also well aware of the issue.

When faced with the question of overspending during the interview, Wynne challenged this notion by defending the need to build key infrastructure like a university, highways and a hospital in Brampton.

So could funding be on its way for a second full-service hospital in Brampton? With the 2018 provincial election in sight, it’s certainly a possibility that the Liberals could announce funding to bolster stronger support.

Peel Memorial is slated to open this month, and when it does, the conversation will undoubtedly turn to how to get Brampton a full hospital to serve the city’s rapidly growing population.

Watch the full interview with Premier Kathleen Wynne here.