At a funding announcement for Peel Police this morning, Mayor Patrick Brown and Premier Doug Ford discussed the ongoing issue concerning Brampton’s Health Care system and the need for another hospital in Brampton.

“We’ve invested over 70 million dollars in infrastructure at William Osler,” said Premier Doug Ford. “Now keep in mind, we’ve been empowered 18 months. This didn’t just happen overnight. This happened over 15 years of mismanagement from the previous Liberal government. We’re putting the resources in. We’re doing everything we can to clean up the hallway health care and we are putting a dent in it.”

When asked about a new hospital in Brampton, Premier Ford said, “We’re putting in, I believe, close to 27 billion dollars over the next ten years of building new hospitals and making sure we have the support for the hospitals in the Region of Peel. Yes, we will support a hospital in Brampton but again you’re looking at regions. 444 different regions all wanting money for health care and we’re doing our very best to support everyone right across Ontario and one of our top priorities is here in Peel.”

Mayor Patrick Brown stepped in afterwards to share his thoughts on Ford’s announcement. “I recognize the fact that the crisis we’re in wasn’t created in a year. This has been a crisis over the last 15 to 20 years,” said the mayor. “The fact that we’re at the table talking to the premier directly about it when only 2 days ago, we had our physicians and patients come forward with a plea for help. The fact that we’re at the table so quickly is encouraging.”