Ontario just rolled out OHIP+ on January 1 giving everyone under 24 free prescription drug coverage and the program could soon extend to people over 24.

In a speech from the throne on Monday Wynne outlined her government’s agenda in the lead-up to the June 7 election. She outlined key focus areas including, education, child care and extending health care benefits

Wynne’s speech was read by Ontario Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell.

“OHIP+, the pharmacare program that is providing free medications for children and youth, will be expanded to include other parts of the population,” said Dowdeswell. “More people without a drug or dental benefits plan will have access to more affordable prescription drugs and dental care.”

She didn’t give specifics about which parts of the population can expect access to more benefits.

These promises come after multiple public opinion polls show that Ontarians might be ready for a change in leadership.

The Liberals’ pre-election budget will be released on March 28 and should bring more details about the party’s platform — hopefully more details about extending OHIP+ — and how much they expect to spend to make these promises happen.

Dowdeswell also mentioned changes to Ontario’s tuition program that will give more students the opportunity to attend university and college for free.

More details will be revealed in the coming weeks, so keep checking back with Bramptonist for details.