Soon riders will be able to board transit and tap-to-pay using their debit/credit card or phones.

During a press conference in Etobicoke on Monday, Metrolinx announced that it will be launching tests for this mobile payment feature.   

The “open payment” feature is a much-anticipated step for transit riders in the city and all over the province. The implementation will include all vehicles that have PRESTO card readers: GO trains, GO buses and local buses, and TTC streetcars and at subway stations.

The payment process will allow customers to bypass the need of having to purchase and carry around the PRESTO card, and even having to load it, as payments will be taken directly from the financial account associated with their debit or credit card, or with a mobile pay feature on their phones.

This feature is an attempt to modernize the transit system, increase ridership and improve the experience. Open payment is expected to make transit more accessible and more convenient for many, including locals and visitors.

Ontario will be the second province to implement the system, after Vancouver, B.C. implemented last year.

Though there is no firm timetable of when the implementation will take place, testing is scheduled to begin with GO Transit buses next year.