Prime Minister Trudeau Receives Rockstar Welcome to Brampton

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was welcome by cheers and applause as he arrived to Brampton city hall Monday to meet with local politicians.

“It’s been far too long since a prime minister has come to meet with you all in Brampton,” said Trudeau.

The PM spent about an hour in the city discussing a number of key issues, including transit infrastructure, the city’s new university and the Etobicoke Creek revitalization project.

“It is a pleasure to be sitting down to talk infrastructure, jobs of the future for the citizens of Brampton,” said Trudeau just before a closed meeting with the mayor, her staff and local MPs.

Part of the discussion included what role the federal government can play in post-secondary education in Brampton. As Brampton looks to find a university parter and ultimately start planning, funding will be a big topic of conversation. A conversation the federal government will undoubtedly need to be a part of.

The mayor also pressed upon the PM the importance of transit investment in growing the city’s economic development and urban intensification. She specifically outlined the importance of All Day Two Way GO, a transit priority for Brampton for a couple of decades now.

The PM didn’t take questions from the public or media after his remarks but he did take a second to pose with his #ILoveBrampton sweater, gifted to him by the Brampton Board of Trade.

Watch the highlights below.