In addition to Professor’s Lake, Eldorado Park outdoor pool and wading pools will reopen Tuesday, July 14, as part of the City of Brampton reopening and recovery plan.

Professor’s Lake

At this time visitors must reserve a three-hour timeslot to visit the beach by calling (905) 874-2350.

Professor’s Lake’s opening is weather permitting and also dependent on the results of Region of Peel water quality testing results.

Visitors can expect the following safety measures:

  • Markers will be installed to denote beach areas for both group and individual use, and all beach areas will also be measured out so that they are two metres apart.
  • Staff will be on-site to take visitors to their reserved beach areas and to monitor physical distancing.
  • COVID-19 signs will be posted to help residents understand the restrictions and guidelines that are in place.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the facility and beach area and all frequently touched areas such as the lobby, beach lobby, washrooms and patio will be sanitized regularly.

Note that change room facilities won’t be available so residents should arrive dressed for the beach.

Eldorado Park

Eldorado Park outdoor pool will also reopen on Tuesday, July 14. The opening is pending the pool temperature and as always, weather permitting.

Visitors can expect the following safety measures:

  • COVID-19 signs as well as hand sanitizer will be installed all over the facility, and frequently touched areas will be sanitized regularly.
  • Floatation devices and pool toys will not be available at this time, but visitors can bring their own equipment (i.e. flippers, goggles, etc.)
  • Visitors will have access to lifejackets upon request.
  • In washrooms, every other sink and stall will be closed to encourage physical distancing.

Note that change room facilities will not be available so arrive ready to swim.

Wading Pools and Spray Pads

Weather permitting, wading pools will also be open to the public on Tuesday, July 14.

The city operates three wading pools located at Gage Park, Chinguacousy Park and Balmoral Recreation Centre.

There will be COVID-19 signs to advise visitors of restrictions and guidelines, and staff will be on-site to remind residents about the various applicable guidelines and physical distancing measures.

Spray pad operating hours have been extended to 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, and dependent on the weather.

Health Notes

Peel Public Health wants everyone to follow the Core Four steps to overcome COVID-19: staying apart, washing your hands, wearing a mask and getting tested.

Visitors should not go to Professor’s Lake, Eldorado outdoor swimming pool or wading pools (or anywhere unnecessary) if they are feeling at all unwell.

Finally, residents are reminded that under a new temporary by-law which came into effect on July 10, non-medical masks or face coverings are required in all Brampton indoor public spaces to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

For any questions about splash pads or any of the other locations, please visit the City of Brampton recreation page.