Local artist Libsyd Read has returned with a new film Pure that touches on the issue of moral and ethics and how they often take a backseat to self-satisfaction and instant gratification. Known for his exploration of complex themes through dreamlike, otherworldly cinematography, LIBSYD has managed, yet again, to invoke self-reflection and contemplation in his viewers. Here’s what LIBSYD had to say about the film:

“The eyes of men lust after the bodies of women. Predator versus prey.

I wanted to make a visually beautiful film, in contrast to the ugly story behind it.

In this film, the female character (the prey) struggles to escape the lustful eyes of man (the predator) gripping her body wherever she goes.

Notice, the settings in the film are places of “cleansing”. From the laundromat (where clothes are cleaned), to the bathroom (where the body is cleaned). Even in the “cleanest” places, she cannot escape these lustful eyes.

The film opens and closes with fingers coming through a transparent substance (almost a sort of webbing a spider uses to catch its prey). This can mean 2 things: either she has broken free of the predators grip, or the predator has “broken free” from morals, continuing a lustful lifestyle with new prey. Both scenarios are valid.

This was just a topic that has been weighing on my heart for a while. I see men on the street, starting at women’s bodies and it breaks my heart. To think we live in such a world where men objectify women, and feel no remorse, and where lust lives in marriages result in divorce, and broken homes.” – LIBSYD Read

To see more of LIBSYD’s work check out his Youtube Channel. Tel us what you think about Pure.