Despite announcing his resignation late last week, Raj Grewal remains MP of Brampton East because he hasn’t yet followed proper parliamentary procedure to resign his seat.

Questions arose in the House of Commons Tuesday about whether Grewal had properly resigned. Grewal announced on November 22 he would be stepping down due to personal and health challenges. The next day it came to light that Grewal has been struggling with a gambling debt and has incurred a significant amount of personal debt.

Speaker of the House Geoff Regan confirmed Tuesday that he has not received the required notification after questions from Conservative Whip Mark Strahl and NDP MP Nathan Cullen.

According to Global News, Elections Canada also confirmed that they have yet to receive a warrant for Brampton East — a warrant allows them to call a by-election.

To properly resign, an MP needs to follow parliamentary procedure by either making a statement on the floor of the House of Commons stating that they would like to resign or deliver a written letter to the Speaker stating their intention to resign.

Once the speaker receives notice, he then addresses a warrant that allows Elections Canada to declare the seat vacant and call a by-election.

Grewal informed Government Whip Mark Holland of his decision to vacate his seat, but that does not follow the necessary conditions to officially resign.

Sources told The Globe & Mail that Grewal has been under investigation by the RCMP for months after gambling millions, sometimes at a casino near Parliament Hill. The RCMP started investigating after Grewal tipped off Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). Under FINTRAC rules, casinos are required to report any transactions over $10,000 a day.

The Prime Minister’s Office has accepted Grewal’s resignation saying, “Mr. Grewal told us that he is undergoing serious personal challenges and that he is receiving treatment from a health professional related to a gambling problem that led him to incur significant personal debts.” However, there’s no official timeline for when Grewal will follow the required protocol to make his resignation official.