1. Candidate Bio:

20 year resident of Brampton
2 adult children
Self-employed business professional

2. What are your three top priorities for Brampton?

Limiting property tax increases
Keeping schools / community safe
Responding to taxpayers’ needs

3. What is one major council decision from the previous (2014-2018) term that you agree with?

Final decision on the university for city of Brampton.

4. What is one major council decision from the previous (2014-2018) term that you disagree with?

Supporting the Brampton Beast hockey team – using taxpayer money.
City of Brampton purchasing a golf course – using taxpayer money.

5. Are there any other ideas from other cities that you would like to see replicated in Brampton?

Keep city budgets in check, no city deficit spending.

6. What are your top transportation priorities to ease congestion and gridlock in the city of Brampton and connections to other communities?

Get the LRT operating to connect the other cities.

7. What are your thoughts on the Brampton 2040 Vision and how should the city proceed with the vision?

Proceed with caution with taxpayers in mind, promote/ solicit Brampton for new business investment.

8. What is your position on the city’s finances and how would you tackle demands for services and infrastructure renewal?

Audit of all city departments to uncover deficiencies and act on them.
More scrutiny on RFP process, best value for money.
Asphalt / bridge repair – guarantees.
Audit developer fees.
Negotiate with Provincial Gov’t for more municipal funding.

9. What are your thoughts on how the city/region should handle the alleged uptick of spontaneous youth violence and crime in the city?

Get tough on crime, target crime pockets in city.
Reinvent neighbourhood crime watch committees, paid through fundraising events.

10. Why should voters vote for you?

  • Honest, reliable, hard working
  • Compassionate towards our taxpayer citizens
  • Approachable, elected to service the citizens of Brampton, accountable

Candidate contact info:

Phone Number: 416-409-4370
Email: chuck@airlinecargo.ca