1. Candidate Bio:

I am a proud Bramptonian, since the age of 3. After studying Business Administration at Wilfrid Laurier University, I have been engaged with Brampton, through various volunteering, and by keeping up to date with Council matters.

2. What are your three top priorities for Brampton?

My main objective is to strengthen the connection between City Hall and the residents of Brampton. Most people don’t know what’s happening at City Hall, many people do not even know who their councillors are. I believe that if there is a stronger connection, we can better work together to create the change residents want to see.

The issue of gun violence is also a main priority to me. It has been allowed to slowly grow for far too long, and gun violence is now a major issue in Brampton.

Affordability is the third issue that is of main priority to me. It is an issue that affects every age, and Brampton is quickly becoming very expensive to live in. As a Councillor, I will be pushing to stop property taxes going up every year, and will also be pushing the provincial government for auto insurance reform.

3. What is one major council decision from the previous (2014-2018) term that you agree with?

I am very happy with all the plans that this Council authorized. The plans are very detailed, and it is easy to see all the work that staff at City Hall put into these documents. These plans will serve as guides as we wade into building Brampton’s future, but only if we take action that will facilitate the growth of our city.

4. What is one major council decision from the previous (2014-2018) term that you disagree with?

I was not pleased with Council raising their salaries.

5. Are there any other ideas from other cities that you would like to see replicated in Brampton?

Yes, there are many positive policies that are passed at a municipal level all over the world, that Brampton can benefit from. However, I do not appreciate Brampton copying policies from Mississauga and Toronto, as Brampton is very different than those two cities.

6. What are your top transportation priorities to ease congestion and gridlock in the city of Brampton and connections to other communities?

I will work with different municipalities in order to introduce direct lines that link Brampton to other municipalities, where there are no current direct lines.

Bringing more jobs into Brampton can have the effect of reducing congestion by reducing commute times of residents.

I will be building better bicycling infrastructure in Wards 2&6, which will increase the safety of cyclers, and increase the number of cyclers, also helping with traffic.

There are also different policies that can be explored to immediately reduce congestion, such as restrictions on trucks (when and where trucks can drive).

7. What are your thoughts on the Brampton 2040 Vision and how should the city proceed with the vision?

The Brampton 2040 vision is a very nice goal for the city to aspire to, but we must now take actions that will facilitate Brampton’s transformation.

8. What is your position on the city’s finances and how would you tackle demands for services and infrastructure renewal?

The City does well financially, and does not depend on debt, but must do better to avoid hikes in property taxes. Every demand for renewal is an opportunity to create more economically sustainable practices and facilities.

9. What are your thoughts on how the city/region should handle the alleged uptick of spontaneous youth violence and crime in the city?

There needs to be specific actions and policies taken, and I will outline my plans to reduce violent crime in Brampton in my platform.

Especially for youth, we must look at what causes young people to commit crimes. As a community, we must make sure we are providing every youth with ample opportunities, and ensuring that no youth slips through the cracks.

10. Why should voters vote for you?

I want to raise the bar for what is expected of Councillors, and that is something voters want to see happen.

Candidate contact info:

Email: rp4prc@gmail.com

Website: Link here