Most lovers of beauty can agree on one thing — good eyebrows can make or break your face. But having the perfect brows isn’t always easy to achieve.

I’ve been getting my brows waxed and threaded as far back as Grade 9. My friends and I used to go to Bramalea City Centre and have ours done at Salon Milano way back in the day (Throwback!).

And after years of upkeep, endless amounts of Brow Dip by Anastasia Beverly Hills, I was fed up.

I decided that microblading would be a great option to make my getting ready process easier, and even out the asymmetry in my brows — my right brow is slightly lower than the left.

I decided I would enlist the help of the awesome ladies over at Restyle Beauty Boutique in downtown Brampton for the job.

Restyle is a locally-owned boutique run by a mother-daughter(s) team.

I’d already been going there for months to get my brows waxed and to take advantage of some of the other beauty services, like facials and spray tanning so it was a no-brainer to trust them with something more permanent like this. 

I went in for a consult, talked to Jennifer about my concerns around the asymmetry in my brows, and she assured me she could work her magic on them. And off we went!

$450 gets you a consultation where Jennifer, the beauty guru at Restyle will assess your brows, your first microblading session, and a touchup.

The Consult

During the consultation we also chose the best color to fit my face, the shape I wanted and what my overall goals were (more symmetry of course!).

The Microblading Process

We kicked off our session by re-confirming the gameplan.

My brow area was numbed for about 40 minutes using a topical ointment. While I waited I enjoyed a drink and browsed colour swatches to make sure I liked the selection I made.

Once the numbing cream kicked in Jenn started the process of making the featherlight strokes and gently adding the pigment.

After about 10 strokes we took a break, added more numbing cream, then started the process with the strokes again.

Maintenance Phase

The first-week post-microblading, I had to treat my brows with extra care. I had to avoid any facial cleansers and exfoliators, as well as direct steam from the shower.

My brows went through a few phases after my initial appointment. At first, they looked great, then they looked way too dark. They went from too dark, to scabby, to faded and by then it was time for my touchup. Jenn assured me before we started the microblading that this was how things would progress, so I wasn’t worried.

The Touchup

6 weeks later I went back to jenn to touch up the area and fill in any parts that hadn’t been taken and fill in the area.

After about a week when the vibrance of the first round started to fade it was clear that my left brow (The one that’s a little bit lower) needed a little bit more love to catch up with the other brow, so this is what we focused on in our touchup session.

Final Verdict

The final product? Two great looking brows! They are full and much more symmetrical. I still need a little bit of maintenance to wax blonde hairs that pop up, but my daily brow maintenance is much quicker and my morning makeup routine has been cut in half thanks to Jenn and the team at Restyle.

I highly recommend them for their expertise, reputation and the fantastic experience they offer in their boutique.

Restyle Beauty Boutique is located at 59 Main St N in Downtown Brampton. Find out more about their micro blading service and other beauty treatments here.