Gone are the days when barbecue bars were dimly-lit, filled with leather, and diners were serenaded with rock music.

At Food Fight BBQ (100 Maritime Ontario Boulevard) the food is served in perfect lighting and a cozy and casual atmosphere. This place sets you in the mood to kick back, relax and chat with friends.

The menu has barbecue combos, sandwiches, burgers, wings, sides, and mains displayed above the counter on screens, while drinks are stacked in a fast food-esque setting. You can place your order, they bring it to your table.

The Caribbean-inspired smokehouse sneaks its unique flavours into all its dishes like the coffee jerk sauce, secret seasonings, and spice rubs.

The Vegan Malibu burger ($10) is a fan favorite. It’s served on a soft bun with a mixed vegetable patty that doesn’t contain soy or tofu. It’s delicious enough it might even turn a meat lover. The smoky flavor and creamy sauces will call you back for more.

There’s the option to enjoy a basic side like fries. I upgraded my sides to Mad Mac and Cheese ($6) and was not disappointed. It’s a creamy and cheesy explosion of fresh herbs and gooey macaroni noodles, exactly how mac and cheese should be.

If you’re torn about which sandwich to get, the sliders ($13) are a fun way to try out the beef brisket, pulled pork and chicken in a two-bite sized bun. Each slider is topped with a different vegetable and served with fries.

The Super Poutine ($7) is super different. It was mildly spicy (as per my request), with hints of Caribbean spices in a light gravy. The curds are fried and accompanied by fresh herbs, adding a hint of green to the dish. 

The ribs ($25) in their smoked glory were tender, juicy and fall-off-the-bone, there was no way you could stop with one. Full rack and half rack are smothered with a variety of sauces like apple, spicy pineapple, coffee jerk, mango and more. I added a side of onion rings ($4.50) dusted in their secret seasoning.

That wasn’t all. The wings ($6) also hold their own on an already delicious menu. They were smothered in mango habañero sauce that added a sweet, tangy heat to the juicy, crispy wings. Delicious.

The meal ended with a full stomach and a lingering taste on my fingers and lips. Thankfully they had no dessert menu, because the meal was filling to point of wanting exercise. Be prepared to have messy fingers or pick up cutlery from the counter, and of course the napkins wait patiently on the table.

Pro tip: try the hot sauce on the table for a fusion of flavours that compliment each other.

Food Fight BBQ Brampton

Address: 100 Maritime Ontario Blvd, Brampton.
Atmosphere: fast-food meets casual dining.
Service: self-service with food brought to the table
Takeout: yes
Kids menu: no
Recommended: ribs and onions rings, sliders and Malibu Veggie burger.
Vegetarian/vegan: limited
Prices: sides under $10, mains and combos up to $25
Wheelchair access: yes