Rick’s Good Eats

Rick’s Good Eats (RGE) is one of the most unique restaurants in Peel Region, and with a 5-star rating on Yelp after a whole year of being open, you can count on some pretty delicious food.

Rick first operated as a gourmet samosas popup for a few months while he hunted for the perfect location to serve not only customers not only in Brampton, but Mississauga and Toronto, too. People come from far and wide, because the food is that good.

Rick’s fusion of his Punjabi and Canadian heritages bring dishes with amazing twists. The restaurant still has its gourmet signature samosas in flavours like a spicy jerk, Punjabi cheeseburger, and the sweet ras malai cheesecake samosa. Now and then Rick’s adds a special samosa to the menu like an apple pie or a Thanksgiving turkey dinner option.

One of the most popular dishes on the menu to date is the Punjabi cheeseburger. It’s a 6oz beef patty with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, sautéed onions and the signature achari mayo. There’s also the option to add Tandoori bacon, and you’ll definitely want to.

Two other delicious options include the fries chaat and samosa chaat. The fries chaat is topped with fresh tomato, sweet onion and their signature hari  — a creamy, light sauce with cilantro, RGE’s signature spice blend, and a few other tasty ingredients.Rick's Good Eats Chaat-3382The fresh made fries came out hot and perfectly crispy, even given the amount of sauce that was poured on them (I added extra).

Their hari sauce is the absolute bomb. You’ll literally want to pour it on everything you ever eat again. I already do—I always get extra when I order their Chicken Biryani.

The chaat samosa has all of the same toppings over two samosas of your choosing. I went with the channa to keep things more authentic. I’m convinced that this is how samosas were always meant to be eaten, and vow to eat mine like this from here forward. It was good, to say the least.Rick's Good Eats Chaat-3369

There really is no losing dish at Rick’s Good Eats. The menu is a solid selection of dishes with complex flavour profiles and you can taste the all-around passion poured into them.

Keep an eye out on its Instagram where RGE often shares specials of the day outside of the regular menu. If you can get your hands on the tandoori chicken salad or the Punjabi fried chicken, don’t think twice, just order it.

Rick’s Good Eats
6660 Kennedy Rd, Unit 1