Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Canada, Ryerson University is meeting the demand for those interested in learning about the cannabis business. This spring the university plans to start offering a course in Brampton on the business of cannabis.

The course kicks off on May 8 and runs until July 31, with classes happening in the evenings every Wednesday at the Raymond G. Chang School of Continuing Education’s satellite location in the West Tower of Brampton City Hall.

The course will cover topics such as cannabis business models, as well as rules and regulations on how to cultivate, process, distribute, market and sell. Students will also learn how to make business plans and how to network with industry leaders.

“Our programming is shaped by a diverse group of advisors who lead the way in the industry,” says Linda Koechli, the Program Director of the course. “Their expertise in business strategy and development, branding, science, health, as well as law and regulation has allowed Ryerson to offer this one-of-a-kind program. This is extremely important for an area that is complex and continues to change at a breakneck speed.”

The cannabis biz course is one of many programs the Chang School is offering in Brampton. The satellite campus opened January of this year offering courses on cybersecurity, and this spring the school will also offer courses in digital forensics systems as well as continuity and risk management.

Last October Ryerson University’s plans to build a full campus in Brampton in partnership with Sheridan College were squashed after funding was pulled by the Ford and the PCs. Ontario’s previous Liberal government had committed $90 million towards building the campus.

Since then Ryerson and the City of Brampton have regrouped. The university has continued to partner with the city on an incubator and a centre for cybersecurity.

As Ryerson continues to grow its presence in Brampton it’s likely that even more courses and programs will be added to the Chang School’s catalogue.