February 28, 2024 – In the bustling world of healthcare, Samantha Baker shines as a Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) at Osler. Her story embodies dedication, growth, and the vibrant community within Osler hospitals.

Starting her journey in 2021, Samantha quickly rose from part-time to senior designate. Osler’s dynamic environment provided ample opportunities for her professional development. “My decision to join Osler was deliberate, I was drawn to its status as a large health system with busy hospitals,” Samantha shares. The ‘fast past environment’ allowed for quick personal growth.

According to Samantha, collaboration isn’t just a buzzword—it’s a way of life at Osler. Samantha highlights the supportive atmosphere where MLTs, lab assistants, and pathologist assistants work hand in hand. “We’re a team, each role integral to providing exceptional care,” Samantha says.

Osler’s dedication to employee growth is evident. Samantha received full support when she expressed interest in pursuing additional qualifications. “The leadership here values our development,” she adds.

Samantha’s journey isn’t just about personal growth—it’s about making a difference. She recounts her most memorable incident where an incidental finding led to life-saving intervention. When cancer was found during a routine procedure, Samantha and the Osler team sprung into action and saved the day; the cancer was fully removed and the patient was saved. “Osler isn’t just a workplace; it’s a place to impact lives,” Samantha emphasizes.

For those seeking a career that goes beyond, Samantha invites you to join Osler’s diverse team. “The supportive culture and growth opportunities make Osler an ideal choice,” she says.

Ready to follow in Samantha Baker’s footsteps? Osler welcomes you to review the career opportunities – offering exciting roles across multiple hospitals – and consider joining the team. Apply today and become part of Osler Strong!