Santos Responds to Fortini’s Illegal and “Without Lawful Jurisdiction” Motion

July 14, 2022

By Silas Johnson, Video Editor

Last Monday, the Ontario Superior Court ruled that the Gang of Six Councillors (Pat Fortini, Martin Medeiros, Jeff Bowman, Gurpreet Dhillon, Doug Whillans, and Charmain Williams) acted illegally.

Justice Doi wrote in his decision, “I do not see a basis on which Council can be found to have lawfully acted. By passing the impugned resolution and bylaw on May 31, 2002, Council did not comply with clear statutory requirements for filling the vacancy and acted with a total absence of jurisdiction,” he added, “I am satisfied that the Resolution and By-law were passed without lawful jurisdiction and should be quashed in their entirety for illegality,”

City and Regional Councillor Rowena Santos responds to the judge’s decision.