Second Cup is taking an innovative approach to the legalization of marijuana in Canada, they plan to convert some of their existing cafes into dispensaries.

In their third-quarter earnings report released last week, the coffee chain revealed that they are already converting in Alberta, and have identified quite a few locations in Ontario that would be ideal as cannabis shops.

The project is part of a partnership with National Access Cannabis Corp. As part of the deal, the two companies will create a network of stores under the name Meta Cannabis Supply.

In Ontario, the sale of marijuana is restricted to the province’s online cannabis store until April 2019. So you won’t see weed in your local coffee shop until at least Spring of next year.

Currently, Brampton has three Second Cup locations — one inside Bramalea City Centre, one in North Brampton at Bovaird and Hurontario, and one on our southern border at Hurontario and Ray Lawson Blvd.

As of this writing, any cafe that is converted into selling cannabis would not be able to also sell coffee, though if provincial rules change that could happen.