As many of Brampton’s residents celebrate Diwali, the City of Brampton permits the use of short-range fireworks for a limited time.

Diwali is one of the four approved holidays on which the city allows the use of certain types of fireworks. This year, on Tuesday, November 6 and Wednesday, November 7 short-range fireworks will be allowed across Brampton.

Short range fireworks are classified as those that travel less than three meters (10 feet) when set off. This includes fountains, wheels, ground spinners, and sparklers. Any rocket-type fireworks are now banned in Brampton.

Fireworks are only allowed on private property — not on city streets, sidewalks or in city parks, school parking lots, and other municipal properties.

The City of Brampton also has specific safety precautions that must be followed:

  • You must have a container of water or a hose line that’s filled with water available to extinguish fireworks
  • You must never light a firework or hold a lit firework in your hand, other than a sparkler
  • After using sparklers, place them in a container of water to fully cool before disposal
  • Allow all fireworks to fully cool before disposal

These new fireworks rules were approved by Brampton City Council back in 2016 in response to an increasing amount of fires and other incidents connected to fireworks usage.

Short-range fireworks are also allowed on Victoria Day, Canada Day and New Year’s Eve.