Driving impaired can result in fines, jail time, losing your license and even in death — of you and other people. But since this isn’t a big enough deterrent to stop impaired driving, some Ontario police forces are levelling up to try and stop people from getting behind the wheel while drunk and high.

York Regional Police announced last week it will be listing drunk drivers online going forward. The force is listing first and last names, the city of residence and the type of impaired driving, so basically anyone who’s caught can expect their dirty laundry to be aired online.

It all came to a head after the police department stopped 16 impaired drivers who racked up a whopping 27 impaired driving charges, all in just one weekend. This was just a small dent in the over 1,400 other impaired driving charges the department has laid in 2018 so far.

As of now, Peel Regional Police hasn’t enacted any sort of policy, but they could if they wanted to.

“We have the authority to name people that are charged with a criminal offence, especially when public safety is at risk,” wrote the OPP on Twitter.

Right now Peel Police and the OPP have holiday RIDE programs in full swing, and new impaired driving laws coming into effect will see both forces cracking down harder than ever.