April 13, 2022

By Kuwarjeet Singh

For the Sikh community, April is a significant month.

Vaisakhi, which marks the creation of the Khalsa and the Sikh articles of faith, is celebrated this month by Sikhs across Canada and around the world. Throughout Canada, Sikhs celebrate Vaisakhi, also known as Khalsa Day.

In recognizing April as Sikh Heritage Month, governments honor Canadian Sikhs’ contributions to the nation’s social, economic, political, and cultural fabric.

In 2013, Ontario became the first province to recognize Sikh Heritage Month. In turn, the federal parliament voted on Nov. 7, 2018, to celebrate Sikh Heritage Month every April. Governments recognize the challenging path of Sikhs immigrating and settling in Canada.

Here is the 2022 Sikh Heritage Month Programming through the City of Brampton’s Marquee Festival and Event Fund, the Sikh Heritage Month Foundation presents the 2nd year of Sikh Fest 2022.

Happy Vaisakhi to everyone.