Have you ever spent ages looking for quinoa or oregano, with beads of sweat forming on your forehead because you need to start dinner in half an hour, and you have yet to brave the checkout line? Or you scrambled to find everything in a rearranged store only to get home and realize you forgot milk—again?

Well, worry no more. The future of supermarket shopping is at hand and promises to provide a more focused and convenient shopping experience right at your fingertips.

Sobey’s, the second largest grocery chain in Canada, and Caper, an artificial intelligence company, have launched the first innovative smart cart system for the grocery giant.

The system was inspired by the shopping carts at the first AmazonGo in Seattle, Washington, where customers are able to enter the store, pick out items off the shelves, and self check-out without joining lines.

The smart cart allows customers to scan items as they load their cart, weigh individual items, navigate to specific products using an interactive in-store map, receive suggestions on ingredients and nearby deals, and then self-checkout using a built-in debit machine.

The initiative is expected to free up time for in-store staff to interact more with customers and answer their questions on products.

Sobey’s smart cart’s first location will be at the Glen Abbey, Oakville store as a pilot program. Should the program enhance customer satisfaction and bring up store metrics, it may be introduced to more locations in the future.