Brampton may be getting its first retail cannabis location soon. The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) just accepted its first round of candidates and Brampton has its first application.

Just a couple of weeks ago Brampton city council voted to allow cannabis stores in the city, but the city remains a bit of an island with this decision — Mississauga, Vaughan, Oakville and some other cities voted no.

In December the province revealed 25 successful applicants to receive licenses in the retail cannabis lottery. Only one of those applicants is a Brampton resident but it isn’t him applying to open the retail store.

Ganjika House is applying to open a cannabis store on the city’s south end at 186 Main Street South. At this time there are two other applications on the AGCO’s website for stores in Toronto and St. Catherine’s.

One of the biggest concerns in the cannabis debate in Brampton was the proximity to schools, which is currently set at 150 metres by the province. This proposed location doesn’t have any schools or childcare centres nearby, but it sits adjacent to a popular plaza for the Peel Village community.

The City of Brampton, as well as residents, have the opportunity to give feedback about the location of the store by writing to the AGCO for 15 days. The AGCO considers issues that affect public health and safety, restricting access to youth and preventing illicit activities in relation to cannabis.

The applicant for the retail store will be given 5 days to respond to any concerns and if all goes well, they can start operating as of April 1.