Brampton high school students have done it again, launching an exclusive Brampton-inspired line of sweaters.

The students, part of LAB B’s Zero Gravity Co-op Program, conceptualized and designed a sweater collection that represents Brampton’s culture and city pride.

The Zero Gravity Program provides high school students with the opportunity to enhance their skills through a variety of workshops, activities, and projects. Over the course of a semester, students of the program have had the opportunity to learn more about digital marketing, entrepreneurship and project management.

The students Rahul Anil, Jenei Johnson, Oneeb Khan, Varun Khatri, Daniel Lawrence, Javoanne McFarlane-Edwards, Shaun Nankumar, Caitlin Nunes-Pavao and Jahvon Thompson, used what they learned over the semester to make this hands-on project happen.

From working with suppliers to building a business plan, the students are proud to see how their work translated into real-world experience. The limited-edition Built in Brampton collection will feature four iconic sweaters that range in price from $35 to $40.

“LAB B has provided me with the opportunity to build something from scratch and to use my own inspiration to create an impactful design. I have never had the experience to create something that is tangible. It is great knowing that the other co-op students and I were able to make something that can be shared,” says Caitlin Nunes-Pavao, a web-development student at LAB B.

Because of the LAB B Zero Gravity Program, Caitlin is now looking into web-development post-secondary programs.

“Brampton is full of people with amazing stories. These stories make our city what it is. We want these sweaters to connect Brampton to the people who reside in it. As Brampton is a unique city filled with talent, it is important for us to be able to embrace Brampton for the hometown of culture that it is,” says Oneeb Khan, digital marketing student at LAB B.

LAB B’s Zero Gravity program is funded in part by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Toronto Pearson. In addition, proceeds will go towards enhancing LAB B’s co-op program, in order to provide youth with more learning opportunities and hands-on work experience.  

The collection will be available online for a limited time, from Dec. 4 to Dec. 22, 2017. Bramptonist readers are invited to use the promotional code Bramptonist10 for a 10% discount. 

To view and purchase the Built In Brampton collection, visit