Spartan Pita & Grill

Fred, the passionate owner and chef of Spartan Pita and Grill, has been serving up delicious Mediterranean cuisine for three decades and for over 14 years in Brampton.

The passion shows the moment you enter the northwest Brampton location. The restaurant is clean and bright and you Fred greets you with his warm smile. He takes great pleasure in explaining the care the staff at the Spartan takes in preparing the delicious food, and that effort shows through.

Fresh is the name of the game at Spartan Pita and Grill. The staples of any Mediterranean menu are present and excellent at the Grill. The falafel, kebabs, shawarma, gyros are all made in-house and are served with delicious house made sauces accompanied by beautiful looking salads, a delicious rice and roasted potatoes.

Lots of different pickled vegetables are used in various dishes adding a great deal of flavour. What really puts the Spartan over the top is the attention to detail and the passion to make great food. The meat is 100% Halal to serve a diverse clientele.


A lot of the action happens right behind the counter and the kitchen is stunningly clean. All of the ingredients are on display and look great. Everything is fresh and prepared daily.

An example of the detail is Fred’s lentil soup ($2.99) that is one of the best restaurant soups you will likely ever have. He uses no oils or creams and strives to feature only the healthiest of ingredients. Red and green lentils along with garlic and various spices make this concoction one to savour until the last drop is spooned out of the bowl.

The Spartan even takes the time to make their own fresh juices. The Strawberry juice ($4.99) is a revelation. Light and fresh with great flavour. Strawberry juice may not be something you normally see on a menu but it is a must here.

The kicker is that every person who is familiar with the Nova Scotian staple, the donair, needs to get to the Grill ASAP.

For those unfamiliar with the donair ($5.99), it is a pita made with donair meat, tomatoes, onions and the sweet sauce that makes the sandwich what it is.

Fred’s sweet sauce is mind-blowing. As someone born in Nova Scotia and familiar with the donair, this sauce is as good or better than anything you could get in downtown Halifax.

For plates overloaded with shawarma, souvlaki, hummus, falafel, tzatziki, rice, potatoes and many other delectable options, check out to the Spartan Grill  Fred and his staff will accommodate to meet your needs and send you home with some delicious eats.

Spartan Pita & Grill

175 Fletchers Creek Blvd

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