Everyone loves free stuff and when it’s a snazzy piece of tech like a Google Home Mini, multiply the love by a thousand. Spotify users with premium accounts are eligible to receive a free Google Home Mini. How awesome is that?

Spotify announced the promo this week. The streaming giant is offering all of its premium Canadian users a brand-spanking-new Google Home Mini, for free, no additional purchases required or hoops of fire to jump through.

The promo applies to new and existing users, so if you already have an account, you’re eligible to claim your freebie. if you don’t have an account, here’s your incentive to get one.

“For a limited time, Spotify Premium includes a Google Home Mini. New and existing account holders paying $9.99 CAD/month are eligible to redeem a Google Home Mini from the Google Store,” Spotify explains on its website. 

The promo lasts until May 9, or while supplies last, so you’ll want to get on this sooner rather than later. Spotify will send an email to everyone who signs up to redeem their Google Home Mini, which must be done by May 31, 2019.

There are a few exceptions. If you’re a trial user, the offer isn’t available to you. It’s also not available to users on student and family subscriptions. “You must have a full-price Premium subscription in order to claim your Google Home Mini,” says Spotify.

Spotify explains that if you’re on a premium trial, you can claim your Google Home Mini once your trial is over and you’re on a full-price premium subscription—subject to availability of course.

To get in on the action and claim your Google Home Mini, visit Spotify’s promotional page on its website. Once you’re logged in to your existing premium account, or sign up for a new account, you’ll have the option to verify your gift.

Once you verify your gift you’ll receive an email with a link to choose the colour of your Google Home Mni and enter your shipping information.

Google is taking care of shipping costs so your balance will be $0 at checkout. Enjoy your freebie!