The retro-futuristic look of the new Springdale Library is impressing Brampton residents. It has also caught the attention of the architecture community. Canadian Architect even bestowed the 2015 Award of Excellence upon RDH, the firm that designed the Springdale Library.

One of the jury members who voted on the award designation noted, “The quality of the mountain-like roof, the oculus at its centre, and the way that light will spread within the library—all of these are going to enhance the feeling of being covered and sheltered when you are inside this building.”

The library’s design specifically connects it to its landscape. While the curving structure appears natural and organic, the layers of the façade combine two metaphors: tree trunks in a forest and the pages of a library book as they are turning.

This aesthetic is married to an environmentally-conscious design. Those external layers not only look nice, but they also help to reduce glare and minimize solar transmission. In other words, they will prevent the inside of the building from overheating.

Other exciting features of Springdale Library include electric car charging stations, geothermal heating and cooling, grey water systems, and a green roof. These all designated the Springdale Library as a LEED Gold standard building. This means that the design incorporates “sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality.”

Springdale Library is also located close to Bramalea Road, which not only maximizes the library’s presence, but forces parking to the rear of the building. It also helps integrate the library into the community and the other amenities located nearby, such as Brampton Transit route 15 Bramalea, which stops right outside.

If you haven’t yet checked out the new Springdale Library, now is a great time. It’s located at 10705 Bramalea Road, about 500 metres north of Sandalwood Parkway.