As the weather warms up everyone starts to gravitate towards the cold drinks menu. Starbucks is delivering even more options for those hot summer days where you really want to slip into a sugar coma with a new Frappuccino.

Starbucks has come up with some crazy concoctions in the past — need we mention last year’s Unicorn Frapp? This time around they’re channelling nostalgia with a S‘mores-inspired Frapp that will remind you of summertime bonfires.

Starbucks Canada says the new S’mores Frappucino will have vanilla syrup, roasted coffee Frappucino and milk, all mixed with ice, a layer of whipped cream with marshmallows, and milk chocolate sauce. It’s also going to be topped with an extra layer of whipped cream, marshmallows and graham crackers.

Diabetes in cup (paper straw and all, because that’s how Starbucks is rolling now) will be available starting April 30, but as with all their special Frappucinos, it won’t last forever so enjoy it before it goes where all special edition Frapps go to die.