Brampton Community Comes Together for a Good Cause in Annual Fundraising Walk.

February 9, 2023 – Residents of Brampton who want to give back to the less fortunate in their community will have the opportunity to do so on February 25th during the Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) event. CNOY is a yearly walk that raises funds for local charities serving those in need.

The walk will start at Brampton’s Garden Square with participants choosing between a two or five-kilometre evening walk. This year, Brampton residents have been challenged to form teams to raise funds with a goal of raising over $180,000. As of February 8th, 179 walkers and 44 teams are already registered for the event.

Ted Brown, CEO of non-profit Regeneration Outreach Community, presented t-shirts and toques to City Council on Wednesday, February 8, encouraging Members to create their own ward teams, raise funds, and participate in the fundraising event. Brown shared toques and t-shirts with Council and asked them to be ambassadors for the event in the community.

CNOY is also taking place in cities and towns across Canada, giving residents all over the country the opportunity to make a difference.

For more information on the event in Brampton and other ways to help, visit CNOY’s website. Get involved and help make a difference in the lives of those in need in your community.