Minimum wage went up on January 1 to $14 per hour and is expected to rise again on January 1, 2019, to $15 per hour.

The controversial decision has roused conversation about living wages for employees, the regulatory burden for businesses, and a bunch of other issues. One thing that’s come up is how tipping will work from here on in.

Some jobs in Ontario historically make less than minimum wage with the expectation that staff will make up the variance through tips. But now that wages are rising, do you still need to tip?

The answer is yes. Workers who serve liquor in bars, restaurants, clubs, and other establishments have seen a rise in wages, but still only make $12.20 an hour.

So how much should you tip? There is no required amount to tip, but 15% is a good place to start. A general rule of thumb is 15% for decent service, 18% for good service, 20% for great service and anything over 20% is reserved for exceptional service.

Should you tip on the pretax amount or full bill? On a large bill 13% in HST can add up, but the general rule of thumb is to tip on the pretax amount, though there are no issues with tipping on the full bill if you’d like.