Survive The Night theatrical escape game in Brampton may just be the best yet

After becoming a hugely popular gaming trend in Asia, escape games are popping up everywhere lately. The real-world experience places participants in a room and in a race against the clock, they use puzzles, clues, logic and teamwork to find their way out.

From post-apocalyptic and horror, to murder mysteries and ghostly encounters — settings vary and can run the gamut.

Survive the Night, the newest escape game on the scene couples this experience with live theatrics, and it’s right here in Brampton, hosted by the guys from Battle Archery.

Spend the evening in Edemarah Village. When night falls, the cursed come out, and you’ll have to traverse the village with just your lanterns to guide you. Unravel the mysteries of the village through puzzles, scavenger hunts and mysteries in complete darkness, you’ll have to rely on your other four senses to get you through this one. You won’t be completely alone, the old man of the village will be there to guide you when needed. But beware, cursed villagers are lurking in the dark, ready to come out when you least expect it.

You’re in for an experience you won’t get with your run of the mill escape game. The experience brings together the fun of exploration and adventure with a heart-pumping, adrenaline-fueled haunting experience.

Bring up to six people and share the space with another group or bring a crowd of  up to 12 and enjoy the play area completely to yourselves. Tickets are $35+tax per person.

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