Sushi House Brampton-2962Sushi House is located in downtown Brampton, nestled just a few steps away from the GO station. A favourite spot for local lunch-goers and the dinner crowd alike, it’s easily some of the best sushi in the city.

As you enter Sushi House you’ll be welcomed by their Itame — Japanese chefs. The restaurant itself is a mix of traditional and contemporary. Bamboo, paper fans and other rustic Japanese decor meets contemporary, sleek dark wood and it all sets the stage for a great dining experience. One of the best things about Sushi house is the ambiance. It’s simply put, a classy joint. Perfect for a nice lunch out, meeting with a client, a date night or special occasion. Very few sushi and Asian restaurants in Brampton offer good ambiance coupled with good sushi.Sushi House Brampton-2966

Seating options include sleek booths, little alcoves that offer privacy or you can take a seat in front of the sushi bar and watch the Itamae in action as they prepare orders.

The service at Sushi House is always very friendly and prompt. As you frequent the establishment you’ll get to know the faces of their main servers. They are always polite and smiling.

On this specific day I ventured to the restaurant to try out their lunch bento box. Not long after I was seated, I was brought a bowl of their complimentary house crunch soup which is delicious. You’ll find that their miso is nothing to write home about, but their crunch soup makes up for it.Sushi House Brampton-2929Sushi House offers the typical fare you’ll find at most sushi restaurants, but the quality is where they set themselves apart. The maki, sashimi and other dishes are always fresh. The menu includes the usual suspects — maki, sashimi, temaki — with a few house rolls including the signature Dynamite Roll, GO Train roll — somewhat of an ode to their location– is stuffed with cream cheese and has a deep-fried outer layer.Sushi House Brampton-2957Currently they offer a few different lunch and dinner specials that combine entrees, rolls and appetizers. With a couple of different price points and combo options, there are some great deals to be had. I enjoyed the chicken teriyaki lunch bento box. It came with chicken teriyaki on a bed of bean sprouts, a side of rice, California rolls, a fresh citrus salad, miso soup and a side of kelp noodle and broccoli sauté.

The chicken teriyaki was delicious, and the portion was good for a lunch plate, but the bean sprouts beneath remained uneaten. With so many other delicious things in the bento box, I can imagine they usually get left behind.Sushi House Brampton-2943The California rolls were also good, though nothing noteworthy for true sushi lovers. The salad was just the regular garden variety, but the fresh citrus dressing took it to another level. It was refreshing and perfect for a lunch meal. Whatever sauce the kelp noodles were sautéed in was delicious — I wish the bento box had offered more of this.

Overall, the whole lunch dining experience took 35 minutes, which is perfect for those who are on a time crunch. All in all, a great place to grab sushi in Brampton, dare I say one of the best?

ATMOSPHERE: Casual, upscale

SERVICE: Friendly service, always polite and cheerful

Take-Out: Yes

Kids Menu: No

RECOMMENDED: Maki, chicken teriyaki, crunch soup

DRINKS: The usual, saki

VEGETARIAN / VEGAN: Limited options available

PRICES: Menu ranges from Appetizers, $4-10, rolls, $5-10, entrees, $10-14

OPEN:  Sun-Thurs: 11:30am – 10pm Fri & Sat: 11:40am – 10:30pm


Sushi House

135 Main Street N – (905) 457-4882

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