You can expect some Brampton Swiss Chalet locations to start looking a lot hipper in 2018.

In a bid to appeal to a younger demographic, Swiss Chalet is in the process of rolling out a completely new design concept and new menu items for some of its restaurants.

Over the past few months, the company has been conducting market research to better understand consumers in an era where millennials are shying away from chains once loved by their parents.

The market research showed that people still enjoy Swiss Chalet’s food (who doesn’t love that sauce, amirite?), but felt that restaurant interiors were outdated.

CARA, the company that owns Swiss Chalet as well as Harvey’s, Kelsey’s and other restaurants, has been testing out a new layout that has proven to be agreeable to both younger people, as well as its biggest customer base of people 55 and over.

The new restaurant layout will include three areas: a dining room, a fast-casual section and a take-out pickup area. The new concept has already been tested at the company’s Barrie, Ont store.

The makeover will extend past the design. Expect to see new staff uniforms and new plate ware, as well as menu items like taco poutine and deep-fried mac and cheese bites.

CARA plans to revamp 20 to 30 restaurants per year over the next few years and some of those are certain to be in Brampton.

So long as the Chalet sauce stays on the menu, a crisis will be averted.