Brampton royalty Daniel and Renata Lewis re-opened T By Daniel in a new Bramalea City Centre location on Friday, March 16th, and we popped in for a sneak peek.

Think airy, chic and sleek. It’s a big change from the bohemian, artsy appeal of the last café. The walls are a gleaming off-white and comfortable tables are decorated with flowers. Fresh jars of tea are highlighted in front of pastel teapots, and small green plants on the dark mahogany shelves.

There is even a new take-home tea counter with gorgeous copper and glass display storage. It’s the place in the new shop where customers can purchase T by Daniel’s tea to take home for themselves.

In the midst of their hard work setting up the shop, Renata had a quick chat with Bramptonist.

“[T By Daniel 2.0] means more experience, more clarity of our vision, more understanding of who we actually are and what we stand for,” she said. “The heart of T By Daniel is to impact people’s lives in a positive way. That will never change. That’s still our heart, that’s what we want.”

Still, they have been feeling the pressure of change: a change in scenery, a change in customers and a change in business model.

“It’s a different side of Brampton,” added Renata, with an air of unfamiliarity. “I’m so used to downtown and the feel and people, but I feel like I’m starting over again. I have the jitters and Dan and I were practicing customers coming in, and I was wondering why I was feeling so nervous. I think I’m just excited to see what this side of Brampton is all about.”

Daniel had us try the new Fruit-teas – blended 100% real fruit smoothies with ice and steeped tea – that are now offered at the cafe. The first one we tried was mango ($5-$6), and it was delicious. Mango with steeped “Night In Rio” tea and ice for a refreshing tropical flavour. The second was a sample of a mystery strawberry-banana smoothie that they’ll unveil in coming days.

T By Daniel will also be serving signature blend “Polo with the Prince”, in dedication to their tea serving with Prince Charles, and a companion tea, “When Harry Met Meghan”, which has chocolate, strawberry and “things that are romantic” topped with sparkles and dragées ($3.75).

Despite being a downtown Brampton staple, it looks like T By Daniel is ready to take on Bramalea City Centre and to us it looks like the tea shop has big potential and promise in its new space.

T By Daniel is located on the upper floor in space O9 of Bramalea City Centre, near Hudson’s Bay Company.