What do tacos and curry have in common? Absolutely nothing, other than the fact that they’re both delicious, but the two are coming together for a dual-concept store by Hurry Curry and Tacorrito.

Both restaurants are quick-serve style, with fresh ingredients. Hurry Curry serves up curry bowls and snacks like samosa chaat, masala fries and aloo tikki. Tacorrito, on the other hand, is all about Tex-Mex eats — burritos, quesadillas, tacos, nachos and more.

Both restaurants have been expanding over the past few years. Hurry Curry 9 has locations across Ontario, and Tacorrito has 8 locations, primarily in the GTA.

Tacorrito and Hurry Curry already have a dual-concept store in Toronto on Mutual Street in Toronto. This latest restaurant will open at 1200 Steeles Avenue East in Brampton later this year.