From Living Room Startup to International Success: An Entrepreneur’s Vision for a Thriving Brampton Business Community.

February 22, 2023 – The Brampton Board of Trade (BBOT) is the local business association in Brampton, and began in 1950 as the Brampton Chamber of Commerce.

Through facilitating strategic relationships, advocating on behalf of businesses, and developing cost savings programs, the Board fulfills their mission in helping members find solutions to the toughest problems that businesses face every day including overcoming barriers to growth, attracting, and retaining talent, and making the right connections.

Daniel Lewis

The Bramptonist spoke with 2023 Board of Trade Chair Daniel Lewis, Founder/Owner of T by Daniel Inc, about his priorities as Chair and what the Board of Trade can do to support local businesses.

Bramptonist: What are your top 3 priorities as Chair for 2023? Can you share your experience/background in business?

Lewis: My top 3 priorities during my time as Chair are:

  • To be a BIG voice that encourages PROGRESS on the pending economic and infrastructure development plans happening in Brampton.
  • To be a community influencer that attracts and retains young and upcoming talent in Brampton to the join the Board of trade and work together with us to build a new and vibrant Brampton.
  • To help communicate and contribute to a positive and optimistic narrative for Brampton. One that is attractive nation wide and internationally.

    My experience in business:
    I started my first business in Brampton in 2011 from my parents living room and together with my wife bootstrapped and grew the business to an internationally known multi award winning business who has served royalty and celebrities abroad and also provided jobs and transferal skills to many. My tea business has even paved the way for me to start a marketing boutique agency where my wife and I helped start and grow at least 12 business in and across the GTA, some of which have expanded and gone on to build great companies. I also launched a lucrative interns speaking business and have been invited to speaking all across Canada and the US for small to large companies including multinational organizations.

    I am on the Board of Directors for the Forum of International Trade Training, and I’m a certified international trade professional. I’m also a certified tea master sommelier and have been awarded many entrepreneurial awards including Brampton Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Top 40 under 40, and many more..

    Bramptonist: What is the top concern you have heard from Brampton businesses?

    Lewis: The top concern I have heard from businesses in Brampton are in regarding health care and the lack of hospitals beds.

    Also the transportation and commuting setbacks and the red tape that prevents many projects from being developed in a timely manner.

    Bramptonist: What does the Board of Trade do to support businesses?

    Lewis: The Brampton Board of Trade does alot for businesses including advocating for various economic developments. We also assist in providing businesses with a competitive edge through development opportunities and cost savings programs.

    We bring together bright minds and talented professionals to help them grow their businesses and discover new opportunities, and we help provide solutions for businesses on the areas of their operations that concern them most (like talent acquisition and retention, marketing and supply chains) to name a few.

    Bramptonist: Why should a business join the Brampton Board of Trade?

    Lewis: I believe a business should join the BBOT to realize the many advantages and cost savings for their business, also to network with other talented professionals who can connect them to unrealized opportunities.

    Most of all they should join to be in the room where decisions that effect their businesses and livelihoods are made so they can help shape those decisions.